SPARC Pharma Group Independent Affiliate


SPARC Pharma Group has been in the Pharmaceutical Industry for over a decade now brokering with major PBMs and PBAs—while helping consumers who struggle with the high costs of prescription drugs save as much as possible. We strive to assist our Partners in helping the consumer save.


SPARC comes to the table with a variety of skills and experience. We are dedicated to a single set of values—which are built around our Mission as a company. For Networks or Pharma Representatives in large or small markets, our commitment remains the same—providing the best services to consumers through our trusted Networks and Reps.


SPARC offers consumers exceptional discounts [beating GoodRx, SingleCare, etc.] using our unlisted, exclusive pricing through our unique relationship with our partner [America's Pharmacy™] & PBM.


Instead of using another card, you'd be using ours [we beat GoodRx, SingleCare, PatientRx, etc] and you'd getting paid for it, $14 per each card use. After receiving your email, you'll be sent the Documents & Digital Card with your unique Group Number on it. The unique Group Number is how we track your usage, which is also trackable by you, on your Personal Online Portal.

Using our card means the consumer saving more money on their necessary prescriptions, and you making a significant secondary income. No quotas, no caps, no strings attached.

  • Highest commission in the Industry [$14 per each card use]

  • Best discounts possible for consumers [unlisted, exclusive pricing]

  • No quotas, no caps, no strings attached

  • Exceptional Referral Program [More $$$]

  • Monthly Promotions [More $$$]

  • Personal online portal [for tracking your "activations"/first time uses]