Who is SPARC Inc.?

SPARC is a Pharmacy Benefit Manager Broker. Pharmacy Benefit Managers—PBMs are the behemoths of the Pharmaceutical Industry behind the Pharmacy Discount Card. PBMs negotiate discounts for anyone who uses their discount cards with Pharmacies and Drug Manufacturers.

SPARC negotiates with PBMs to create the most efficient distribution methods in order to bring these free discount cards to consumers' hands.

Consumers come first, we provide the best discount cards in the current market, we guarantee it.


Program Highlights

Absolutely free—All residents are eligible to take advantage of the pharmacy discounts through our programs we distribute. The programs can be used to supplement most prescription insurance plans including Health Savings Accounts and high deductible plans. It can also be used as a Medicare Plan D supplement by providing discounts on non-covered drugs.

No restrictions—There are no age or income requirements, no enrollment or claim forms to file, no waiting periods, no eligibility required, no exclusions, no annual or lifetime limits and covers pre-exsisting conditions.

Medications—The programs' discounts brand and generic medications. There are no limitations, all medications are eligible for discounts.

Lowest price—The programs we chose to offer to consumers are lower than average Wholesale Price—AWP, and Pharmacy Retail Price. This gives the consumer the advantage to save up to 81% on prescriptions (pets included). Average savings—2009 to 2018—are 49%!

Accepted everywhere—SPARC guarantees over 62,000 pharmacies across the country honor our programs.

Privacy—No personal information is required to get a card. SPARC takes consumer privacy extremely seriously, absolutely NO information is required, not even a first name. 

Print—Show Pharmacist—Save